Indian Real Estate 2023 – Summary

The Indian real estate market in 2023 is expected to emerge stronger despite global economic uncertainties. Here’s a summary of key projections:

  1. Economy: India is set to navigate global economic challenges owing to its robust macroeconomic fundamentals and strong domestic consumption.
  2. Office Real Estate: The country is likely to remain a preferred destination for corporate investments due to its cost-effectiveness and the availability of skilled talent.
  3. Industrial and Logistics (I&L): There’s an anticipated sustained demand in this sector, bolstered by supply chain diversification and continuous government support.
  4. Retail Sector: Retailers are expected to adapt well to the changing environment with their diversified location strategies and an emphasis on omnichannel sales.
  5. Residential Market: The sales and launch momentum in the residential sector is likely to continue, even in the face of monetary tightening and global economic headwinds.
  6. Investment in Real Estate: Steady investment activities are anticipated, supported by a strong acquisition pipeline.

Overall, the resilience of the Indian real estate sector is a key theme, with positive growth and adaptation across various segments despite challenging global conditions​

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